Sunday, December 21, 2008

At the Range

Well it was a bitter day on the range, we only had 3 students, one had a pretty good idea how to shoot, one had shot a gun, & one had a mortal fear of guns.
Luck would have it that Lady D came down & was able to get the girl on target, once she got her past the tears, the cold was causing the Buck Marks to freeze up, which added a bit of flustration.
It can be a challenge to get 2 full hours in when you have small classes of 2 or 3, & the weather is like it was, I still find 6-8 a good number to fill the time as comfortably as possible, plus that many can huddle together for warmth. "Shooters" won't mind the cold to get the rangetime in, but newbies start thinking about freezing toes or fingers, & it affects their ability to shoot well.

Today we have one student & lord I do hope she knows how to shoot.

Of course I wonder about the two guys that canceled today because it was too cold, if they would have the fortitude to defend themselves with a handgun, if they wussed out due to weather.

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Don said...

You're doing great work out there in the cold! I meant to leave a comment complimenting you on the new classroom, but I don't think it went through. Looks great.