Wednesday, September 10, 2008

You can help turn it around!

If you are tired of seeing Made in India, or Made in China, think American!
How's that you say? Think Blackhawk, my friends.

Blackhawk began in Mike Noell's garage to make items that were ether not issued, or the issued items were not the quality that operators needed to get missions done.

Well Blackhawk has grown from that garage to a new world HQ's in Norfolk as well as facilities in Idaho, Montana, & North Carolina.

What's the secret? they are making as many products as they can here in the US of A, that's Americans making the products!

Of course the next thing is "it's too expensive", hey you can't have it both ways!
But they are not that expensive really, Let's look at pants, Blackhawk is about only $5 more than 511, & the back pockets are in the correct place for a man's wallet, not halfway down the leg. In the Blackhawk, the leg pockets feature webbing for mags, not just the right side ether. In 511 you will find a pocket.

Uncle has some word on the Blackhawk holsters:

Since returning from the PARA USA-Todd Jarrett event,

I've ordered a Sherpa Level 2 for Lady D's M&P, she wanted a paddle, FBI cant, & retention, hey that's no problem with Blackhawk. She also liked the Carbon Fiber finish, & the matching mag holders, I mounted on the M-3 light carrier.
I did the same set up for the 1911 mag holders I brought back from the trip.
I also ordered The Gladius flashlight, & the Mod-U-Lok carrier

A lot of future tactical & shooting products I acquire will be from Blackhawk, check them out:

Right now I need to get back to their catalog.


Don said...

I just got the new Sherpa for my SIG today. It'll be interesting to use it at the IPSC club tomorrow.

I like it quite a bit. The difference between that and the FOBUS is night and day, and apparently the reason it took longer than I expected was that although the company I used is based in nearby St. Louis, it shipped from Idaho.

So apparently, I could have just ordered it directly from Blackhawk and gotten the same service (I'm assuming that the Idaho address was Blackhawk's Idaho factory.)

The Duck said...

Yep Idaho is where they are made, the retention detent on the Level 1 they gave me somehow fell out & they had me send it there.