Thursday, July 03, 2008

If you don't like it, go back to where you came from!

Most come to a new country, for a better life, but they want to drag all their baggage with them.

So all I really want to say if you find your new homeland offensive, move the hell back to where you came from!

My ancestors came to the new country in the 1700's, for a better life, than they had in Scotland, Quakers were a bit repressed in the old homeland. While I'm proud of my heritage, & a touch of Scot whiskey from time to time & a rousing march played on the pipes, but I am & always will be an American all the way to the bone.

Those that stood on the green in Lexington, fought at Bunker Hill, stood with Crockett at the Alamo, fought at Gettysburg, those that followed TR up San Juan hill, crossed the ocean twice & fought their way throughout Europe, & the Far East, for Freedom. Those that have gone before us did not live & die in vain.

On the eve of America's Birthday, a country founded on freedom,

I will state if you find my freedom offensive, & wish to impose your law upon me, I will fight you to the death & I will prevail, for God is on the side of America, the shining light of Freedom in the world. With our strength & the Lords grace we have advanced will beyond your shabby 3rd world sandbox. We may be loud, at times rude, & in some ways soft, but the core of what made this nation is still alive, and we will not quietly go into the night.

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