Friday, April 04, 2008

#1 Rule is Safe Direction, you Idiot!

Teenage Girl In SUV Hit By Stray Bullet

1. Always point it in a safe direction
2. Always keep your bogger hook off the trigger till you are ready to fire
3. Always keep the gun unloaded till ready to use
All Guns are loaded until you know they are unloaded, even then the above rules apply!

OK Cam, you were showing the gun to someone in a business, even empty you maintain safe direction, but you were what to cool? The safety rules don't apply to you Cam, you are above all that?
If you were not at the range why the hell was it loaded?
I'll tell you Cam, while I believe in the Right to Keep & Bear Arms, I really do not think it should apply to you, you are simply to stupid, to have that right anymore, you proved it yesterday.

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