Thursday, December 06, 2007

More on Omaha

"She told the Omaha World-Herald that the night before the shooting, Hawkins and her sons showed her an SKS semiautomatic Russian military rifle — the same type used in the shooting. She said she thought the gun belonged to a member of Hawkins' family. She said she didn't think much of it — the gun looked too old to work.
Records in Sarpy and Washington counties showed Hawkins had a felony drug conviction and several misdemeanor cases filed against him, including an arrest 11 days before the shooting for having alcohol as a minor. He was due in court in two weeks."

Well he didn't acquire the gun legally, as he had a record. The SKS , (may have been a semi auto AK, seeing articles listing both) was not part of the 94 assault ban, The Russian SKS's were all 10 shot rifles, & would have to be altered to hold more than 10 shots. This guy had no respect for the law, alcohol & drug use, several misdemeanors, & acquiring a gun under disability. Since he was hellbent on suicide, I really can't see how stricter laws could have prevented it. You know; "Well you'll really be in BIG trouble if you take that gun to the mall"
But the anti's will cry foul, & the mall will tell everyone they can "Feel" safe, as the have unarmed security guards, & cameras, perhaps they could get TSA to install metal detectors.

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