Thursday, June 28, 2007

Matt Westerhold is a Sheep!

He bleats & bleats, because the Sheepdogs scare him so badly! Matt can not tell the difference between a sheepdog & a wolf.
For those that don't understand what I'm writing here read the excellent article written by LT Col Dave Grossman

The sheep fear the sheep dog, as we can look a lot like the wolf! Although Matt seems to have at least some education, he is an editor after all.........I regress.
He cannot tell the difference.

Perhaps he has a fear of weapons, & Freud made references in reguard to those who fear weapons, I will let the reader look into that.

Mr Westerhold is crying foul now!, he fired the first round across our bow.
Little did he know the firestorm he had unleashed, would come back upon him.
I guess he figured we would react like sheep, & run bleating across the pasture.
But when you bite a sheepdog it just pisses him off & he bites back.

If Mr Westerhold, really wants to serve the public, & wants to inform the public, there are better endeavors than trying to reveal who has a CHL.
Hell everybody that knows me, know I have mine. So what service has been rendered to those that don't know me?

I'm sure Matt would sleep better every night if we were perhaps required to wear a scarlet letter, so in the public realm we could be ID'ed.
That would be commendable, as then the wolves could readily ID the sheep, & leave the warriors in peace.

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