Tuesday, December 26, 2006

As most know the FBI released the numbers for the first half of 2006, & no surprise crime is up!
Of course the Libs & bradys have come out wringing their hands that it must be the guns, my goodness what else could it be?

It couldn't be that the drug cartels are shipping in huge amounts of Meth, that's a lot stronger than what was being made here on a small scale, no couldn't be that, gotta be assault rifles.

It couldn't be that the number of illegal aleins, that can't find a legal way to make living, could it?, no must be those guns with Hi Cap mags!

Why is it the cities with the biggest jumps in crime, are some of the same cities that took in the larger number of Katrina victims? I sure Houstons upward spiral in homoicides are due to firearms painted black.

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