Monday, July 10, 2006

HB347 has been stranded in the Senate comm. & they will not act till November, but we have to put the fire to their toes, & get the issue moving.
Are you supporting your own cause?
Have you joined the NRA? Have you joined the OFCC? Have you joined the Buckeye Firearms Assoc.?
What are you doing about your Freedom? Are you putting your head in the sand? ("won't happen to me"), Or do you really expect your elected officals to protect your freedom & rights?
Each of these civil rights groups (yes they are Civil Rights groups protecting your right to keep & bear arms) can only do so much with what they have, they have to pick the fights they feel they can win. But if about 85% of gun owning america got off their collective butts & joined & supported these fine groups, we more than likely pretty well shut up the anti gun side.

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