Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Well it's been 2 days

since these people said they would send me an RMA
http://www.autopartswarehouse.com/ If you order from them you better have all your i's dotted & T's crossed & hope they send what you presumed you ordered, because they don't seem to want to provide customer service.

Perhaps I need to start posting on the car forums


Anonymous said...

Try calling their customer service again. All of their agents are outsourced in the Philippines. You can put them out of balance by telling them you know they are Philipinos and start asking for help for your problem.

Bad news too, they are a million dollar company and if you think they care about one customer over a hundred then think again. I wish you the best though.

The Duck said...

Oh I know they don't care about me, but if I can divert 100 customers away from them, it will be a fun project, & worthwhile.

One thing I learned about business you, do an ok job the customer might tell one or two his friends, If you do a really good no hold bars job he will tell maybe 5 to 8 of his friends, but if you screw him he will tell everybody he knows. This will be fun.