Friday, September 26, 2008

Home Defense

Of course in setting up a plan, one needs to consider lifestyle, family & location.

For me it is only myself & Lady D, we live out in the country, close neighbor is 350 yds away. We live back a about 900 foot driveway.

We keep a 12 ga pump gun loaded with #4 Buck, we also keep a CAR-15 with 30 round mag (55 fmj) Of course there a few hidden pistols here & there.

We also have a selection of cool tactical lights like Blackhawk & Surefire, & others.

but the one I have for home defense I found at a discount store on sale for $9

V-1 Million Power Series™ Cordless/Rechargeable Spotlight .

It may not be taci cool, but it does throw a lot of light, & the cost was very affordable, & yes I will be shooting one handed if need me, but with fried cornea's I really doubt they will resist a whole lot.

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NotClauswitz said...

Light someone up with that at close range and they're toast.