Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The LDA Trigger

I didn't shoot an LDA at Blackwater, I had chosen the, the 9mm LTC Single Action, but I did put in for one of the LDA's & lucked out being able to acquire one.

Truly never been a fan of double action pistols, the first shot usually requires 12-14 lbs of pull, then you have a lot of slack to take up for the following shots.

Not so with the Para LDA trigger! It is in fact lighter than some SA's I've owned, it is as Todd Jarrett says a real sweet trigger.

The pull is very much like a Glock, so far I've only had time to dry fire it, & hope to make it to the range this Sunday.

The Para LDA fits that area of people that like 1911's, but find cocked & locked a bit scary, but they don't want a true double action*, but want a consistent trigger. This is a double action that I would carry.

(*A true double action will continue to cock & release the hammer without resetting the gun)

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