Friday, September 12, 2008


"These estimates are based on calculations of the 'lost product' that is represented by premature deaths from armed violence," said Achim Wennmann of the Small Arms Survey.
"These people — had they lived — would have contributed as any other individual as productive members of society. Their deaths represent a loss that can be quantified," he told The Associated Press.

They assume they would have contributed to society, when the survey shows 70% of the homicide victims are felons. So what would have been the cost if these "victims" had continued their professional careers?

When you look at the numbers we have approx. 16,000 +/- homicides a year in America, about 11,000 are firearms related. This includes Law Enforcement, & Self Defense shootings. ( a note to put in perspective Memphis TN had 35 self defense homicides in the first quarter of 2008, that's just one city)

With a population of 300,000,000 +/- the odds of being a homicide victim are pretty low, about 1/2 of those that are felons. Since Cain slew Able we have been killing each other, & that will not end no matter how many treaties are signed or laws are passed it's the nature of man.

If laws were effective at controlling mans behavior the first 10 would have been enough.

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