Thursday, September 04, 2008

The Para Weekend

It was indeed a very long drive there & back. A very busy 3 days of training, & I never wanted to appear anti social, I was just fairly whupped by the end of each day.

The trip was much like a dream, which I had last night. Quality guns, Quality gear, Quality facilities, & Quality people.

Para-USA does make fine quality handguns, & with the move to NC they will be expanding into rifles.
Wonder have they ever thought of producing Browning's other pistol?, the HP?
I'm looking forward to the arrival of the one I bought from the training class.

Quality Blawkhawk gear, they did make us feel welcome, & gave us what we needed, I've already sent an order their way.

Blackwater really does have some of the finest shooting facilities I've ever seen, although I don't get out much, but as the other bloggers coined Disneyland for Shooters.

Quality People, I love shooters, they really are the best folks in the world.

Now back to that entires in the 360 degree shoothouse

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