Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Vetting a Trainer

Nothing Like the Real Thing

For civilians, do some digging around, ask for references, If they make claims like, *"Former SWAT", or **"I'm a retired Federal Agent", " ***I was Special Forces" ask for proof. If they can't produce it be wary, your money is hard enough to come by, without taking training from a braggart, and the quality of the training may well be suspect. Quality trainers don't mine producing qualifications, it's not a boost, it's a statement.

*Ran into this guy, but found out he was never a cop, let alone SWAT
** This guy worked as janitor for a company that did contract work for the feds, so he was an"agent", even carries & shows his retired Federal Agent Badge to people
***Stated he was a former SEAL, Green Berets in the reserves, and a former Deputy Sheriff, he may have been in the Navy, but the rest proved false

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