Thursday, March 18, 2010

Remember what VPC said about 50 Cal rifles ?

That terrorist could shoot down jetliners?

Illegal GPS jammer sells online for $55, supposedly will cause planes to crash

So why buy expensive heavy bulky rifles, that would require background checks, and a lot of skill to use and deploy, when you can possibly do it for less than a "C" note?


Sendarius said...

"Bring down a plane" - yeah right . Only if the pilots got so lost because of the failure of their GPS navigation systems that they couldn't find an airport before they ran out of fuel.

There is a reason why the FAA will not certify an avionics suite that has ONLY GPS for navigation - it's so that journalists don't have too hard a job fact-checking to find out that this story is wildly inflated exaggeration.

Didn't seem to help, did it?

The Duck said...

Well they have to do their hand wringing

Sendarius said...

I'm sorry - is that comment meant for the NEXT post?

Oh, and you mis-spelled "ringing".

The Duck said...

No I'm correct Hand wringing, the media has to find something to wring their hands over, and wail about.

The Duck said...

hand·wring·ing or hand wringing (hndrngng)
1. Clasping and squeezing of the hands, often in distress.
2. An excessive expression of distress

Sendarius said...

I know of the term "hand wringing".

I was joking that your comment fit nicely with the post above which is talking about turning your hand into the touch screen of a mobile phone.

I thought it was a neat pun along the lines of:
"Is that your hand (w)ringing?"
"Yes, I'm expecting a call."

The Duck said...

ah, I see