Friday, March 26, 2010

Bank Issues

Buckeye Firearms has an article about getting "No Guns" signs down.

I was a long time customer with National City Bank, they were bought last year by PNC Bank.
Now for the most part I can go to the same branch I always did, everything is the same other than the name, but PNC does have an office closer to me. I visited that branch earlier this month, and on my way out I saw the sign on the door, it was one of those decal see through type, and I had not noted it when I entered the building. When I got home I contacted PNC customer service about the sign by email, that was March 11th,
I returned to the branch March 17th sign still there, but I thought I would give them some time to respond, but on the way home stopped at a First Bank which is closer to me, and they have no sign barring licensed CCW holders.
So I went in and talked to the manager, and checked into opening accounts there.

I still have not gotten an answer from PNC, and will not be able to make it back to that branch before the middle of next week, I have contacted them again. But if the sign is still up, I will be moving my checking, savings, IRA, and if possible my loan to First Bank.

Can't support a business that deprives those of their civil rights.

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