Friday, May 15, 2015


Curious  question: How much do you pay per year in health, house and car insurance? Just answer to yourself, now I realize that most states require at least liability insurance to drive, and all banks require insurance if you have a loan on it. So let me further ask would you carry medical, car or home insurance if you were not required to? Would you be willing to play the odds, that you won't have an accident, and no harm will ever come to your home, or your body? Are you willing to bet that someone else won't have an accident that involves you?
Now how many hours of your time did you invest to make those insurance payments? Best figure net not gross. How many hours and how much money have you spent on the odds that you might get T-boned or lightening would strike and burn your house down, or if you found you had cancer?
So what about self defense insurance?, I'm not talking about the many programs that render legal aid after the encounter, if you have invested in one of those programs, I'm talking about making it through the actual encounter.
You may ask what foolishness there are no insurance programs for surviving an assault. I'll counter yes there are and it is called training.  I'm not talking about going to the range and calmly putting rounds on paper, I'm talking about going to a class where you'll have to push, you'll be challenged. Where you'll come out more prepared and skilled than where you are now.
If your response is well I applied for my CCW license and bought a gun, some will even say I took a basic class and got my CCW what else do I need? How many of you were prepared to drive in rush hour traffic after one driving lesson? C'mon Really?
You might counter you don't need training, might even recite the story of Grandma Smith shooting a bad guy that broke in, and Grandma had only shot a gun once in her life. Without a lot of effort I can likely find another dozen Grandmas that had only been to a range once and were found strangled or beaten to death in their homes.
So call it a life policy, what are you willing to spend to stay alive?

So actual training will take both an investment of your time and resources, I will say in closing I got a lot more out of writing checks to other instructors, than I ever got out of writing a check for the home owners policy.

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Gary said...

John, well said. I can't understand why so few people that get a CCW permit bother to try to get any additional training.