Tuesday, March 01, 2011

This past weekend

Attended the Warrior-Summit in Akron Ohio

They offered 4 courses with 3 instructors.

The Offensive unarmed combat was perhaps the most intense, with jabs, elbows, kicks, and knees, and how to employ them against an attacker, it was not martial arts, it was fairly much straight forward street fighting.
Ian Kinder of Live Safe Academy, started us slow, and picked up the tempo through the 4 and 1/2 hour course, good skills to have, and not at all hard to learn.

The  following course was a learning few methods to defend against gun or knife attack, the defensive skills were a bit harder to learn, more so that they employed complex motor skills, rather than the gross motor skills, of offensive empty hands fighting, but if the attacker has gotten in close, and your choices are limited, going after his weapon, and disabling him might work better than trying to get yours out. I'll have to admit 9 hours of  of physcial training wore me out, but I picked up a few things.

Col Joseph "Little Joe" Ferrera gave an excellent presentation on Combat Stress, and how making decisions before the event can affect the outcome of the event. It is a matter of when not if, and having a plan, and a backup plan to fall back to.

David Arnold, a Cleveland lawyer also had a presentation on the aspects of the law regarding use of force, and concealed carry.

The Warrior-Summit  was  great training for anyone that has a CCW license and carries a gun, I have seen to many that think that the gun is all they need to protect themslves, but that is a false hood. Shooting a piece of paper at 7 yards is not the same a living breathing human agressor in your face.

Paul Carlson & Chris Archer of the Safety Solutions Academy did a great job of putting the event together, and they are planning future events.