Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I've only had one in 7 years

A lady that could not "rack" a semi auto

But she perferred it to a revolver, and she could close the slide on a loaded magazine. I told her have her husband load it, and shoot until its empty, and then reload, she was tickled.


Anonymous said...

We've had several women in our CCW classes that have difficulting working a semi-auto's slide. We teach them that rather than trying to pull back on the slide, they should hold the slide firmly and push forward on the grip. Most of them have found that this solves the problem for them. A few just don't have the strength in their hands--mainly due to arthuritis--so they go to the revolvers.

The Duck said...

Yep, Hold the slide and push the pistol, well I've only had the one, and as posted she went with a 9mm semi. XD as I remember

Mike W. said...

As someone with limited grip/hand strength myself I don't understand the "buy an airweight snubbie if you have trouble racking the slide." There are plenty of semi-auto's that are quite easy to rack the slide on.

The trigger on my 432pd is heavy enough that if you had hands weak enough to be barely able to rack the slide you'd have a hell of a time trying to pull that heavy DAO trigger.