Friday, March 07, 2008


PHOENIX (AP) -- Arizona's three university police departments are arming themselves with assault-style rifles, officials said.

The students can't defend themselves, & the police don't get there until it's a done deal! At NIU they said they were in the building in 2 minutes (although later amended to 6), but the shooting was all over, the gunman was dead at that point. Oh yeah we are from the government we might protect you, but we don't have to. Really you are on your own, but we will not allow you to have the tools to protect yourself.


Anonymous said...

Our training officer quite explicitly told us that a LEO has two duties recognized by the Supreme Court; to apprehend lawbreakers and to secure evidence to assist in the prosecution of lawbreakers. In addition, LEOs cannot be prosecuted or sued for failing to prevent a crime or for failing to do their recognized duties.

The Duck said...

Well That's fine, & I'm really not picking on LE's here, I'm just saying allow the citizens a way to protect themselves