Friday, March 07, 2008


From today's inbox: It's not 1791 anymore

What on you doing on the the Internet Robert??
Let me parphrase your words:
I, too, believe in the First Amendment as it was written and when it was written — original intent, strict constructionist style and relevant to 1791.

Spoken word, quill pen & ink, perhaps a labor intensive printing press?

Anything else is beyond the scope of the First Amendment. Had our founders drafted the Bill of Rights in the age of Columbine and Virginia Tech, the www. and the cable TV, things might have come out differently.— Robert Luedeman,

You sir are an idiot, but since you have "Free Speech" you can say what you want no matter how laughable it is. You can pick & choose which ammendements you will play with or change. What is it that protects you rights sir?
You might want to research history & you will find the founders knew of mult shot arms, even in their day.

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