Friday, December 14, 2007

Paul & Sarah ought to get on this!

A year earlier, Eden Strang had seriously wounded 11 people when he went on the rampage with a samurai sword.

Juan Gonzalez, who killed two people and wounded nine others with sword in 1986 attack on Staten Island ferry

Three dead, three wounded in sword attack:

Stuttgart - A man wielding a samurai sword killed a 43-year-old woman and seriously injured three others during a church service in the German city of Stuttgart on Sunday, police said.

1996: Seven slashed in school machete attack Three young children and four adults have been attacked by a man with a machete

TOTOWA, N.J. -- A man wanted in a four-state crime spree including the killing of a gas station attendant with a machete was arrested by police who found him asleep in his car.

Machete attack survivor working on rehab, high school girl was only victim left alive in ambush

"unidentified attackers, armed with machetes, killed or wounded more than 100 people overnight,"

Good thing England decided to ban cheap saturday night special swords..........


Anonymous said...

I own a website that sells a variety of swords and weapons, and I have always been cautious as to who I sell my products to, (especially children, or those that ask if a sword can cut through a tree) but I might have to re-think my policies if adults are acting foolish as well. We didn't design our Authentic Samurai Sword section to sell items that would be used this way, but to provide the background of each piece and offer a chance to own the history (or fantasy) whichever the case may be.

The Duck said...

Well my point to the post, is that people determined to do evil, will find a way. if they cannot aquire a gun, they may use a sword, or a can of gas, etc.
Banning somthing will not prevent it's misuse.