Friday, December 14, 2007

Japan has gun control

TOKYO - A gunman opened fire Friday at a sports club in southwestern Japan, killing one employee and wounding seven other people before escaping.
A man was critically wounded in the attack in Sasebo city, in Nagasaki prefecture about 980 km (610 miles) southwest of Tokyo, and police were searching for the gunmen, NHK said.
Update 2 reported killed now

In Japan you have to be a member of a club, & pass a background check to even own airsoft pistols & the pistols remain at the club, but even in a country with strict gun control the bad guys find a way. If they can't control it on a small island, how can they ever think they could control it in the US of A?

Hattip to Snowflakes in Hell

Kind of amazing, in doing a bit of surfing, for a country with total gun, they have their share

Kochi man arrested for fatally shooting neighbor, wounding son Dec 10th 2007

By June, 28 shooting incidents had occurred, which was twice the number at the same period last year.

Handguns are strictly banned for ordinary citizens in Japan, and only police officers and others _ such as shooting instructors _ with job-related reasons can own them. Hunting rifles are also strictly licensed and regulated.

NAGAKUTE, Japan — A former gangster surrendered Friday night after a shooting rampage at his home that left one policeman dead and three other people — including his son and daughter — injured,,2933,273555,00.html

Under the revision, possessing more than one gun would become a crime, and would carry a prison term of between one and 15 years.

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