Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Lady Warriors

Jeanne Assam delivered when it counted at the New Life Church
"She just started walking toward the gunman firing the whole way," said Bourbonnais, who was shot in the arm. "She was just yelling 'Surrender,' walking and shooting the whole time."

a couple of others:
Stacy Lim
"From a distance of about 5 feet, the young gunman, without warning, responded to Officer Lim’s unselfish act by firing his weapon directly into her chest. The bullet struck her with an impact equal to being hit by an 18-wheeled truck doing 60 miles-an-hour. The bullet ravaged her upper body when it nicked the lower portion of her heart, damaged her liver, destroyed her spleen, and exited through the center of her back, still with enough energy to penetrate her vehicle door, where it was later found. Critically wounded, the officer brought up her weapon and fired one round which struck her assailant."

Jennifer Fulford Salvano
Fla. officer takes 10 rounds to save children, her own life.
"We're all taught that you have to believe you are going to win, not die," Fulford-Salvano said. "But it is one thing to have someone telling you that, another to hear from someone who had been through it. I remember thinking, 'This garage is not the last thing I am going to see.'
The gun battle lasted less than a minute, during which time Deputy Fulford was struck by 10 rounds; seven causing severe wounds and three striking various pieces of her duty equipment.

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