Wednesday, April 02, 2014

This really riles me

Another shooting on a military base

Why can't we give our troops a little more small arms training and allow them to carry on bases?


David said...

Better yet, let's simply stop treating them as if they are somehow less capable than any other citizen, and allow them the same concealed carry rights as anyone else.

Anonymous said...

AMEN, brother!


David said...

I am curious, though. Why do you believe they would need "a little more" training to carry concealed? Why do they need any more training than anyone else to qualify for a concealed carry license?

A clerk at Walmart can go take a concealed carry class, get a license, and carry 'til the cows come home. But a soldier needs "a little more" training to carry? Really?

The Duck said...

When I say a little more training, what they get in the military is an M9 and 2 mags if they make enough hits they pass, If they take the same course as civilians or the military offers something similar is what I meant.

David said...

I'm just saying that anyone, military or civilian, who lives or works on a military base...should be able to carry concealed if they have a permit issued by the state the base is in.

Ex: I live in El Paso, Texas, and have a Texas concealed carry license. I should be able to carry on Ft. Bliss.

True story: When my battalion was deployed to Korea, it was not a normal tour, and spouses were left at Ft. Bliss. The wife of a friend of mine was home alone in post housing when she discovered a burglar coming in the bathroom window. She screamed, and he backed out the window and ran. What if he hadn't? She was not permitted a firearm to defend herself.

The ban on firearms on base affects soldiers, but it affects families, too. It's not just mass shootings; crime happens on military bases, just like any other town. Let them all get concealed carry.

The Duck said...

I agree with you David