Monday, November 29, 2010

So what do you do for 12 hours?

From an email:

"Well the class was everything you said and less.  I was really frustrated. I was made the range officer and told not to teach anything. There were a few new shooters that really needed some one on one and I had 30 plus others to watch out for at the same time, class totaled 62 I had them all in 2 shifts. The class was pretty much "the booklet". He said that people did not need or want to know about guns, gun parts, how guns worked, different ammo, or how to shoot, other than keep it pointed downrange and shoot 100 rounds. Yes the money is and would be nice but I don"t think I want my name connected to that.  Thanks for the info and advice"

Gee as instructors I thought we were suppose to cover all that stuff, like gun parts, and you know like how to shoot, you know knowledge, skills etc., and I can't help but ask how can one guy keep 30 shooters safe? I have found over the years, that people, at least most really do want to know about these things before they carry a gun.


kahr40 said...

A 1/30 ratio is a lawsuit waiting to happen. We'll run 1/8 and that's a bit too many for my taste.

The Duck said...

Well I have heard that they run as high as 1/75, I never run more than 1/4 or 2/5

Julie said...

eeek ... i've done 1/10 and that was too many in my book. And yes, i think they want to (and need to) know about guns, gun parts and how they work!