Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Shame he couldn't be convicted

For being stupid

To me it is common sense if you are going to pocket carry, that gat belongs in a "Pocket Holster". I've heard and read about a lot of accidents, and near accidents concerning pocket carry, but not one involved a gun that was in a holster.

My partner had a student fling a Kel-Tec across a jewelry store that was posted when his keys got entangled in the trigger guard.

A few months ago a fellow in a nearby city carried his pocket gun in a bar, and when he reached for his keys discharged the a .380 into his girlfriends leg, bet a pocket holster would have been cheaper than all the charges he faced.

I also know of a guy that got in a situation, and pulled his 38 out of his pocket by the barrel, and pointed the grips at his attacker, lucky the appearance of the gun caused the bad guy to run.


Pawpaw said...

I've been carrying in my pocket for twenty years with nary a problem except for pocket lint. The secret is that the gun goes in one pocket dedicated to the gun. Nothing else goes in that pocket.

Y'all be careful now.

The Duck said...

well in Ohio if you are in a vehicle it does have to be in a holster