Wednesday, October 20, 2010

You might be a zombie if:

A dismal appearance: Generally, most zombie clothing is simply what the person was wearing when he was alive, just more raggedy.

Bouts with insomnia: Zombies often stay up for days lurching for brains.

Changes in mobility: Zombies lack coordination and move with a slow, shambling gait.

Difficulties in communication: Most zombies are lousy conversationalists and their comments are generally limited to grunts and moans -- if the lungs are even intact.

General skin decomposition, including small outbreaks of flesh-eating bacteria and parasites in the early stages of zombification.

Little or no emotional baggage: Austin said this is one of the few benefits of being a zombie, but he says having no concept of right and wrong may result in sudden behavioral changes.

Little or no memory.

Bulletproof from the neck down.

A sudden craving for brains.

You recently died.

New guide book published

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Unknown said...

I guess this guide would be useful if you didn't pay attention to "The Zombie Survival Guide" by Max Brooks