Thursday, October 21, 2010

Comfort levels

There have been a few posts, about tactical clothing, mall ninjas of late.

To note, I wear em all the time, the main reason being they are comfortable.
While not a big fan of 5:11 other than their shirts, I detest their pants, but really like the Tru-Spec 24/7 pants, and nearly always wear one of those what many call the "shoot me first vest", although most days when I'm out and about, I get asked questions like: "Can you tell where the paint dept is?", or "where is the restroom?"  With so many companies putting the employees in vests, in general they are nearly main stream.

Years ago I made a good percentage of my living do freelance Automotive photography, mostly autos like Monster Trucks, Pulling trucks, 4x4's, , and many a time found my self climbing over, around, and onto said subjects.
Jeans were pretty binding, and it was about the time bugle boys, & dockers came out, and hey back then only photographers wore the vest (I have an old Domeke hanging in the closet thats right at 25 years old) But they were a lot more comfortable, but the quality wasn't there.

So thats the way I dress, I'm to old to look tactfully cool, and not fat enough to be a mall ninja, I'm just being comfortable

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