Wednesday, September 29, 2010

You might try turning on a light

James, you bemoan the fact that certain areas of the country have fewer laws, than you, and people are getting shot in Boston. A law will not curb violence.

Even Washington DC has seen a drop in violent crime, since they loosened the choke collar ever so slightly, after the Heller decision.

Perhaps James you might rail against those restrictive laws that you live under, instead of somehow hoping that dried ink on paper will keep you, and your city safe. Understand what really deters crime is the surety of capture and punishment. If potential victims have something stronger than "Please don't hurt me" you might see that same drop in violence that those other neighorhoods are enjoying. Demand the means to defend your city, demand the rights other Americans enjoy.

Do not infringe on my right of freedom, and I won't infringe on yours to huddle in the dark.

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