Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Poor Training ??

Report released in officers death

The report states a round hit the base of the officers issue weapon, and blew the magazine apart spilling the rounds to the floor, it may have been knocked out of his hands.  It may well have been impossible to do a malfunction drill, if the primary was lost or damaged. But I wonder was he carrying a backup gun? Had he trained with it? or just put it in his pocket? Perhaps his hands were numbed by the impact, and he couldn't feel his backup to pull it.

Not trying to armchair quarterback here, even the best trained, best equipped person can lose in a gunfight. I'll not fault the officer, he likely did everything he could, to survive, but did he have the training to survive? Was he trained to go for the backup if his primary failed, or just told it was a good idea to carry a backup? Does this department allow officers to carry a backup?

When the good guys win, we pat ourselves on the back, of how great the training was, when they lose we need to ask questions, and change the training so it lowers the odds of it happening again

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