Thursday, July 08, 2010

Ah Hi-Points

I was helping another Instructor during a class, one of the students had a new Hi-Point 45 Auto, nether the student nor the Instructor could hit the target with it. So the Instructor loaned the student his Glock 22, and, and wow holes began appearing in the targets, but the student continued to lament how great his Hi-Point was, and how he really liked it, and that it was as good as the Glock. New targets were hung, and the Hi-Point blissfully missed them all, back to the Glock, and holes once again appeared in the paper, the student continued to brag how his gun was as good as the Glock, the Instructor took a new track he said "Let me show you how to hit with your gun, You bring the gun back as far as you can and throw it as hard as you can, and you might hit them with it."

Change camera angle to students face wide eyed, and jaw agape

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