Thursday, July 29, 2010

Update from Acme Ammo:

The weekend of July 31/Aug 1, we will be appearing at the Kentucky Expo Center in Louisville. The is the same complex as the National Gun Day show, but in the West Hall. The following weekend, we will be appearing in Columbus, OH at the Franklin County Veterans Memorial on Broad St.

We just completed a contract to deliver ammo for a sniper training class. The requirements called for a .308 Winchester round loaded with a 175gr Sierra Match King at a nominal velocity of 2600 fps. This combination was tested and delivered a .820" 9 shot group at 100 yards. It would have been a 10 shot group had the shooter not flinched on the first shot. OK, I'll admit I was also testing .300 Win Mag on the same day and I left my Macho Merit Badge at home. Anyway, as we usually do, we manufactured several thousand additional rounds so our regular customers could sample this very accurate round. This round is available at $41.51/50, $203.77/250 and $405.66/500.

We have also begun to manufacture .41 Magnum rounds. We have two choices available, both 210 grains. One is a normal flat-point target round at $32.08/50. The other is a Speer Gold Dot Hollow Point at $43.40/50. There seems to be two extreme schools of thought on this caliber, one that it's obsolete, the other that it's optimum. We fall in the optimum category. It packs more punch than a .357 Mag without the punishing recoil of the .44 Mag. Another reason is that we've seen a number of S&W revolvers in .41 Mag going for a song because the ammo has been hard to come by. What's not to like?

Last, but not least, we finally have .300 Winchester Magnum available. These rounds are loaded with a 178 grain Hornady A-MAX bullet for optimal accuracy. In testing, this round produced a velocity of 2804 fps with a standard deviation of 14.3 fps. A five shot group measured .644" at 100 yards. This is a round with significant downrange wallop. We have this premium grade ammo priced at $33.96/20 rounds.

Here at Acme we are very value conscious. Normally, we don't plug products here other than our own, but we recently picked up a Thompson/Center Venture rifle to use in developing our .300 Win Mag product. What caught our attention was the $449 price tag and a 1 MOA guarantee. Yes, this rifle did live up to that promise. In addition, it has a user adjustable trigger with no take up. While it doesn't have the crisp clean break of a nicely tuned 1911 trigger, it is firm and distinct....... much to our liking. Check it out; if a plain, blued rifle with a synthetic stock floats your boat, you may like this option.

As always, if you can't make a gun show, our products are available for shipping via UPS ground. The "Brown Truck of Happiness" will bring ammo right to your front door. Just call us at 513-582-2839.

We are currently making plans for business expansion. Watch our website and e-mail for a major announcement from us within the next 60 days.

As always, thanks for your continued business and support.

Mike & Stephanie Mulcahy
Acme Ammunition LLC

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