Thursday, June 03, 2010

Outstanding customer service!!

I'm a fan of paddle holsters, and therefore it makes sense to have a paddle magazine pouch, and while nearly all of the holster makers offer some type of paddle holster, very few offer a magazine pouch with a paddle.

Last year at the NRA meeting in Phoenix, I was shown such a creature, the B831, and it works with ether single stack, or double stack mags.

A couple of weeks ago finishing up a class, I found that one of the screws had fallen out, I contacted customer service, to find out how I could order the missing parts. Tina Parker at G&G customer service sent me an email saying if I gave her the address she would have the parts sent out, unlike one of the other holster companies did when one of there screws went south a week after I had purchased the holster.

Of course that's the kind of customer service we like, since emailing G&G, I have ordered 2 more mag pouches, one in Chestnut to match my new Stoner Paddle, and an extra one in black, the newer ones have an improved paddle design, and the parts they promised arrived today.
I'm a happy customer.

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