Friday, January 29, 2010

Citizens Defense Network

Preparation to survive the second attack—the legal aftermath of a justifiable defense shooting—is a vital element in your defense preparations. Ignore it at your own peril.

In general we get a gun and a ccw license, and heck we even go to the range once in awhile, but have you ever looked at that hunk of steel or polymer, and really ask yourself, if I ever use this thing then what?

Hopefully you have made a commitment to prepare train with your firearm, for a fight you hope never comes your way.

But are you also training, and preparing for the legal fight after the smoke has cleared?

The fight itself will likely last seconds, but the legal confrontation could last years.

To quote Robert Burka of: Ohio Concealed Carry Defense Services, LLC

The decision to carry a concealed handgun requires you to assume a great deal of responsibility. If you decide to accept that responsibility, there are several additional items you should consider.

First, you should obtain current and continuing training from a qualified instructor in the safe handling and use of your handgun. Contact us directly for a list of qualified instructors we have met and worked with over the past year.

Second, you should search for and obtain a working knowledge of what the law says and how the legal system operates in the event of a use of force situation. With knowledge and a realistic understanding of how the legal system works you can reduce your chances of a severely negative legal outcome.

Some Very Good advice here to get you started.

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