Friday, October 09, 2009

I Suppose this is a Bad Idea Too

There is no perfect solution,
Perhaps the tried and true, is handgun holstered or out of sight, hands in plain view, do everything the officer tells you to do. Weather you are LE, Security, or a CCW, it's best just to do what the officer tells you. Even if you would use the above mentioned safety product, it's best to do all of that. But not all encounters go that way and good guys do get shot.
Some say criminals will use them to get the upper hand, well the bad guys get uniforms, and lights, surplus police cars, and commit crimes, so since we know there are fake cops, should we just ignore those red & blue lights? Or do we throw on the flashers & drive to a well lit area, where there are other people?
Some may want to add this product to their kit, some may not, it is after all a personal choice.

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