Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ammo Shortage to Continue in Midwest

I think will continue through the first part of Feb.........

Why you may ask?, Duck ya got a crystal ball?


But I have a feeling they are going to ship and sell as much as they can into Cali before the new law goes into effect, and people have to be fingerprinted to buy it, and well of course those that won't be able to buy ammo after it goes into effect (those that may already have several sets of fingerprints on file with law enforcement)

After all any self respecting gun runner selling guns , know the market is going to shrink, if they have no ammo for their wares.

"psst hey buddy, want buy a bullet?"


"Tell ya what buy the whole case, & I'll throw the Glock in free"

The ammo registration bill, will work about as well as an "Anti Earthquake" bill.

The bad guys will steal it, or go out of state and buy it (which will lead for calls for more laws, much like NYC, saying the only reason their laws aren't working is because everyone else is so lax in theirs)

Just one more law that only affects those that already obey the law.

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