Thursday, July 24, 2008

Today's Idiot

"When the amendment was designed, there were no automatic or semiautomatic weapons. "

When the 1st amendment was designed there was no Internet, so go back to a quill pen you jerk.

I think the founders were pretty sharp men, & since they had really put their necks on the line as it were, they would have embraced the idea of automatic weapons.

Also they encouraged citizens to own cannon, can we have those, without a permit?


Anonymous said...

Along the lines of something I read the other day (I can't remember where...sorry):

Should the founders have gotten a glimpse into the future, which do you think they would have been more surprised about:

That firearms would be capable of firing more than once without manual reloading, or that electronic signals sent across a network of wires and light-transmitting filaments would enable virtually instant transmission of the written word, sound, and images around the globe?

The Duck said...

Well there were designs for multi shot firearms, but they did not have the tooling to make them, they did have duckfoot pistols, some with up to 8 barrels.