Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Holster review

Just picked up a new Stoner Holster, it is their trademark paddle holster with a shirt guard.

It is indeed an extremely well made holster, and I have been using Stoner products for a number of years, and in the interest of full disclosure, I do get an Instructor Discount on holsters I buy from them.

Stoner has been around a number of years, when they started out with a unique belly band holster, and the company has grown ever since, and it has evolved as well, form just the belly band. They began adding name brand holsters, and a few years ago launched their own custom line of quality leather products.

I do know a lot of people do not like paddle holsters, and many claim they are not secure, but I have had people lift me off the ground, and the holster stayed in the belt.I like them that they are easy on and off, and once on easy to adjust position.

One of more unique items in the design is the paddle is that it is leather, and it can be canted 20 degrees forward or back, or be carried vertically. Now about the first week you wear it you may find the paddle to be a bit uncomfortable, but the more you wear it the more it conforms to your body, unlike plastic paddles that will hold their shape until the end of time. After that first week or so, it becomes very comfortable to wear. Much like breaking in new shoes.

The finish is superb, and the fit of the gun is tight, and secure, at least for the break in period it will take some effort to draw, it will have excellent retention for a long time, 

Definitely recommend this holster, and think I need to order one for my Government Model 1911.

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