Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Revolver or


I'll state my opinion, your's may differ. I've found with training people, especially new shooters the revolvers are harder to  get them successful as quickly, most of the production guns that come through the double action triggers are pretty heavy, although did have a lady last weekend with a S&W Performance Center that did have a smooth trigger. It's not that the triggers are any harder than some of the Ruger LC9's or LCP's. But if the front sight is off the target by they time they get it to go off, it's a miss, and does nothing for confidence.

But also the last few years I'm seeing fewer wheel guns, maybe one in 15 or 20.

We have had to use a rubber mallet a couple of times to get cylinders  unstuck, but have used the mallet to knock a slide back on a couple of semi autos, the majority of the time it was a stuck  steel case, and even a fullback couldn't have popped them loose.

So in  a nutshell, I'd opt for the semi auto, they usually hold more rounds and are easier to reload.

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