Wednesday, February 04, 2015

A view on open carry

Some may not have thought of

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NotClauswitz said...

Lived in India, it's a miserably poor country with all three conditions present. As a kid I only remember seeing police with Enfield rifles, but that (murder-for-gun) explains the discretion.
One time while taking the train up to Calcutta, a loud fracas broke-out in the hallway outside our locked compartment, and then a man leapt from the (slow moving) train - the neighboring unit/compartment, went stumbling down the steep embankment, and ran-off, away across a muddy rice-paddy. Another man followed a short ways and shot his tiny pistol at him. Later they said it was about rice-smuggling.
I don't think he actually tried to hit him, the "shooting-event" was just a display and posturing by the policeman. Authority must be respected!