Thursday, November 01, 2012

Parroting the Brady's

Mat might as well done a copy, paste

Hmm and over half of those "Gun" deaths are suicide  (kind of hard to pass laws that keep people from killing themselves, what would be the punishment, make them live forever?)

How many of those "Gun" deaths were legal intervention, or legal self defense?
Experts surmise about 11%

Chicago PD did a study that estimated of 70% of  homicides (all methods) the victims were felons (Not exactly a lost to society.)

So once you factor out suicides, and felons being killed that leaves about 3900, subtract  about 700 for accidents and you are down to about 3200, now while still tragic, it might well be of a better benefit to do things to control drivers under the influence (DUI's kill around 10,000, and injure thousands of others year in and year out, but we blame the individual, not the car or what they consumed)

Also bear in mind that the St Louis Public Law Review estimated that armed citizens stop 400,000 violent crimes per year, and deter an additional 800,000, and that is one of the more conservative studies done on use of guns by law abiding citizens.

So stricter gun laws stop violence? explain Chicago to us.

So before you make up your mind about things, you might want to consider more than one source, and check your sources.

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