Monday, February 06, 2012

Gun industry on the ropes

According to Josh Horwitz

I'm pretty Josh does not get out much or even understands basic business practice, he seems to think the more guns that are being made and even with more guns being imported that they are sitting on dealer shelves gathering dust. Nor has he been to a weekend gun show on the second day to see the empty spaces on the tables, no one in their right mind rents 3 tables, and only fills  one and a half tables to lay out their wares.

Attended the Gun Show in Sharonville yesterday, and by 11 am when we left it was getting a bit hard to move, and the dealers I talked to said Saturday had been really good and a lot were surprised by the crowd being that there was some big football game going on, and I saw a pretty good number of people filling out 4473's just in the couple hours I was there, but then they may have been NRA shills pertending to buy guns, so people would just think sales are up.

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