Wednesday, October 26, 2011

1911 Class Day 3

Detail stripping the 1911, and every brand is just a bit different

We learned how to trouble shoot the 1911 and the best aftermarket enhancements

My Kimber Stainless II
Ken Hackathorn makes a point about the 1911
 Springfield Armory Cut away
Larry Vickers Explaining the beaver tail safety

All in all a decent class, after 2 days on the range and in the shoot house, we moved to the classroom.  Both instructors had strong opinions concerning todays production guns, both favor the Wilson Combat CQB.
The major points they made was the 1911 does need to maintained (Vickers "If you are going to treat your gun like your lawnmower get a Glock")
Use quality magazines and replace your recoil springs often, and keep them well lubed. Hackathorn recommended Mobil 1.


Flight-ER-Doc said...

No. I treat my Glock like my smoke detector and fire extinguisher - semi-annual inspection and maintenance, and I expect them to work when I need them.

I treat my lawnmower better: I use it more often.

And my 1911's for the most part rest in retirement in the safe.

RomeoTangoBravo said...

I recently used my Kimber at a defensive pistol course and it has become one of my most shot pistols.

The Duck said...

I used the Kimber the first day, and a Smith Pro Series 9mm the 2nd day.