Monday, April 11, 2011

Speaking of Ruger

An Honest review of the LCP

I've found both the LCP & LCR to rather stinging when I shoot them, fired the LCR Saturday (3 rounds) and the web of my hand still feels like it was stabbed with a pencil.

The lady who brought the gun to class, was sold the gun, being told it was the perfect gun for a woman, will it never end?


Gary Evens said...

I couldn't agree with the author more. I don't know why people, especially those new to shooting, seem so attracted to these small handguns. They appear to be more concerned about the size and weight of their gun than they are about ever having to shoot it. I doubt many of them will end up shooting more than a box full of ammunition through one of thes pocket pistols. I have shot Ruger's LCP, LCR, and LC9. Of the three, the LCR has the best trigger pull, but still has a fairly sharp recoil. The LC9 has the worst trigger by far and recoil, even with standard power loads, is painful. I'll stick with my SR9c!

The Duck said...

Hi Gary, Well I think alot are unknowing, and get sold something,
they are pretty naive in what they are doing