Thursday, February 10, 2011

Indiana Guns at Work

Mother Jones is hand wringing about the  people having guns in their cars

Any employer that cares about their employees should like this bill, they will know that their employees have a means of protection from home to the workplace.

The disgruntled, fired worker that wants some kind of sick revenge, will just go home and then come back later, or they will have it with them anyway, then what are you going to do?

Of course most employers don't give a dam about their employees, and just try to cover their own butts by banning guns, so they can't be found liable.

They ban your means to self protection, and provide no real security to protect anyone, then when someone goes off the deep end, they get on the news, and say its not their fault they have a policy against guns, they even have a sign in the parking lot.

Anyone have a clue what that is a photo of in the article?

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