Monday, May 31, 2010

Now Thats A Postage Stamp

Though it has a population of just 7,000,000, Switzerland boasts over 2,000 rifle ranges.

Now if we just started converting all those golf courses we could catch up

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Anonymous said...

1) If anyone has friends in Switzerland, have them send post cards with those stamps on them to the White House, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, with a note: This is how a free country sends its mail.
2) No,golf courses should NOT be used as rifle ranges. They should be held in reserve as pasture land for cattle, sheep, goats, etc. post-TEOTWAWKI. However, the Poli-Sci building on most College campuses can be used for MOUT training buildings, with the current crop of Commie instructors in them "volunteering" as "shoot/don't shoot targets" Have fun.