Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Light'em up Dano!

Sebastion has a thread on Fenix lights, I put my 2 cents in comments.

I haven't tried the Fenix light, but I I’ve found the SureFire E2D very easy to carry, as it clips inside pocket, I carry it on the off side & is not as bulky as the 6P, & is now being offered in LED, as backup I carry an E2, same light with out the strike bezels fore & aft. on my strong side. Of course my “normal” dress is some type of tactical pant, I also carry an NRA SureFire combatlight in the left leg pocket. As Clint Smith says one is none, two is one etc... With 3 lights it's unlikely I won't have some type of light source, when needed.

I have checked out a lot of lights, Surefires, (6p, E2, E2d, G2Z, & the 6P LED Defender)
Streamlight, Blackhawk Gladius ( which I really like other than the bulk of said light) I have a couple of Digilights, but they ether went out of business or changed their name.

If you are going to carry you do need a light, a lot of shootings take place in low light and you have to "ID" your target. Plus reports from the field, show, that there are times a bright burst of light tends to make the roaches go away, which means I don't have to shoot, and that is even better.
There is no excuse, even if on a tight budget there are a lot of LED lights out there for under $20, and some of them are pretty bright, and small.

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