Thursday, October 18, 2007

Guns in School

Should every adult that works at a school be armed?
But every adult that works at a school, who has taken the training required by their state of residence, for a CCW licence, passed the background check, & been issued such license should.

Weather it's day care elementary middle or high school, members of the staff, the faculty, & visiting parents who have a Concealed Carry License should be allowed to carry into the schools
Colleges could include allowing licensed students to carry.

We need zero responders!
First Responders have to be called, & they have to get there, once there they have to find the shooter, how long will that take? In a perfect world 3-5 minutes, how many people can be shot in 3-5 minutes?
Zero Responders are the ones right there at the scene, as it were: the intended victims.

Is it perfect? no it's not, but what we have is far from perfect, & writing regulations & putting up signs may "feel" good but they do dam little.

Of all the school shootings two were stopped because there were arms at hand, the rest stopped when the shooter got tired of killing.

There was a time that schools had rifle teams, guys had their hunting guns in their cars in the school parking lots, while there may have been some incidents we didn't have "School Shootings" till they passed a law & put up signs.

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