Friday, June 29, 2007

Gee where is Matthew Westerhold??

The guy seems to be lying low the past couple of days, guess he is a little paranoid,
The Ohioans For Concealed Carry, & the Buckeye Firearms Assoc. along with members of the NRA, & Ohio CHL holders have called him to task.

We are learning a lot about Matthew, property that he owns, his divorce, where his child goes to school etc. After all what harm in listing in CHL names etc, it's in the public interest. So I guess all those folks are the public, it's good to know more about Matthew.

You know Matthew you could make this all go away by taking the lists off your website. But if harm comes to one person on that list, it will haunt you the rest of life. Whoops, sorry you have to have a soul to be haunted by your own wrong doing.

But Matthew is a second rate journalist, that can't get on with a "Real" paper, and likely only important in his own mind.

So in his wee mind he is doing a public service by letting all the other lambs know where & who the Sheepdogs are. But the funny thing the Sheepdogs are not the ones he should fear.

Of course years ago I was in the publishing business, (Freelance) I know they run on ads, most don't care how many copies they sell, or give away, it is the ad dollar that counts!

This morning I received the following from Herman-Kinn Funeral Homes (General Email) []
We have canceled our advertising in the Sandusky Register.
We also have the word of an Auto repair shop that they have dropped them also.
See Matt you didn't just get the attention in your area, but even out of state, why even Michelle Malkin has mentioned you, it will end when the list come down.

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